Assessing the Effect on High School Teachers of Direct and Unrestricted Access to the Internet a Case Study of an East Central Florida High School

نام نویسنده: Anthony gallo, Michael

مقطع تحصیلی:  دکترا
سال انتشار: 1993
تعداد صفحات: 218

the purpose of this study was to investigate the effect direct and unrestricted access to the interner had on a group of high school teachers. Based on the naturalistic inquiry paradigm (lincoln and guba,1985)  this study explored the barriers these eachers encountererd when using the interner , how and when they elected to use the internet the factors that influenced their contiinued use of the internet, and the transitions they experienced from using the internet .

During the second half of the 1992-93 academic year, seveen teachers - selected through the srategy of typical - case sampling and representing six academic disciplines - were observed and interviewed with regard to their daily use of the internet . Using patton s (1990) three approaches to interviewing , the teachers participard in weekly informal conversational interveiws .monthly group meetings in qhich general interview guides were employed . and monthly standardized open - ended interviews. interviews were conducted by a four-member research team . Daraanalysist was based in part on Miles and huberman s (1984) model of data reduction and display . and spradley s (1979) task of dornain analysis.

the findings of this study revealed that high school teachers interner experiences were consistent with many of the reported findings from computer - mediates communications resarch involving college teachers and with the results of emerging telecomunication research involving college teachers. the study showed that: (1) teachers experienced problems of comprehemsion relatedto both the internet and their Macintosh computers technical problems and time - related problems.(2) internet usage was primarly a function of teachers schedules. work loads degrees of success using internet  applications and the relevancy of the resources discovered(3) continued internet use the qas influenced by how teachers viewed the internet - they found it to be exciting were awed by its resources and felt it reduced their feelings of isolation and (4) teachers underwent several transitions that appeared to be effected by the internet including change in attitudes toward education and changes in teaching behaviors and classroom dynamics.

one implication of the findings is that teachers is that teachers require (a) angoing internet training(b) thecnical support (c) home internet access and (d) time in which to learn and incorpirate the internet in to  their classes.

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